a life lived in celebration

Why do we celebrate? When you celebrate, endorphins are released inside your body and you feel incredible.

This was one of the reasons that led to the setting up of The Party Elves.

I love a good party – I love the feeling of being there when someone celebrates a milestone, when there is obviously so much love around the room, when after an event it leaves you feeling so full of love and joy it doesn’t matter if the cake collapsed or the decorations weren’t instagramable.

So yes, I am in the business of love – of giving and taking love. Of expressing this love in a fun way. I have to keep reminding myself of this because in my line of work sometimes we get bogged down with the aesthetic detail – if it’s the right shade of blue… or if the curls are curly, or if the flower that we made out of paper will stick to the wall that is suffering from condensation thanks to the heat around us.

My philosophy is and has always been to bring a feeling to an event – to allow everyone to feel comfortably festive, to feel like they have been transported to an experience not because of the décor but also because of the people around them, the love and the partying things you do at these celebrations – like the games, the hugging, the sand play, the simple game of duck duck goose. It is an over simplification of course of it, but this is really the essence of a life lived in celebration.

So gather those people around you, however and whenever you can. Celebrate, laugh and huh, whether you have those beautifully crafted paper rosettes and well styled dessert table or not… celebrate!


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