…. and we are back

After months of website silence, we are so happy to be back!! and that too with a lovely website to call our own 😉

Why the silence you ask… well! now thats a story and a half. We had asked an external contractor to assist with some design work which was supposed to be done by May 2012!!!! we even paid up front for this work! However delay after delay and non delivery after non delivery plagued the very existence of our website. Anyway, after several threats and nasty emails etc, we were finally told that everything was ready and it was ready to go live – it would just take 2 days… that was 6 months ago 🙁

Meanwhile of course we were already looking for someone new to help us…and we found Ranosys Technologies. My weren’t they a breath of fresh air. Professional, efficient and most importantly they got the job done – and dealt with all our irritating questions with such flair! We loved working with them, and it probably shows in the website.

We hope you like the new look, and make sure you keep coming back for more 😉

see you all soon.

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