Crafty Party

Why not add a craft activity to your kids’ party ideas…

The Party Elves had the good luck to know THE FLOURIST who was going to run a flower class for a 13 yr old’s birthday. It was such a fantastic idea to kick off a day of indulgence for the birthday girl and her 4 friends. So we thought it would be a good idea to feature here!

They learnt some basic floral techniques, then learnt how to put a simple corsage together. And then they had a whole day of activities around town, culminating in a lovely dinner in the city where they get to dress up and ….yes you guessed it, wear their handmade corsages!

They kids loved it! They were such perfectionists and wanted everything to be ‘just so’…

Have a look at these finished corsages… yup! these were made by lil 13 yr olds!

Why not do something crafty like this for your kids’ next party?!

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