Go fly kites..lah!

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Oh yes, this is pretty much we told a whole bunch of parents and children at the recent Standard Chartered Bank Family Day – and we did not get into trouble for it thank god!!

The Party Elves ran a little kite decorating stall to be part of the fun, and of course to promote the business. So we had kites that were provided by kiteculture.sg, and we provided all the decorative material… everything from light foam that the kids could cut shapes, to markers to glitter glue and ribbons.

Can you spy our little bags of biscuit heaven in the lantern? yup we gave out loads of those during the day 😉

It was lovely to see the children’s faces light up when they learnt they could create their very own kite – and from some of these pictures, it looks like the parents were glad to get a chance to decorate too 😉

It was such a lovely sight to see kids young and old, trying fly the kites they decorated, with dads and in a lot of cases mums teaching them how to fly their kites.

Thank you to everyone who helped, donated, and participated on the day

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