Hari Raya crafts


Its a long weekend, and the kids are getting antsy with all the visiting and eating – we know how difficult it is to convince the kids that this visiting and paying respects is a fun thing to do!!

So we have a craft that will keep them occupied, and will give the children something to present to their elders when they go visiting.

Crescent Moon and Star mobile

You will need:

Paint or glue and glitter
Stick (we used an ice-cream stick)
template of a crescent and star


Print your template onto card or draw your own crescent moon and star. Cut out.

Paint both sides of each, or cover with glue and glitter.

Punch a hole in each and tie through a piece of string or yarn.

Tie the other ends of the string to a twig or lolly stick. Tie a piece of string to the middle of the twig to hang the mobile by.

Idea credit – activityvillage.co.uk

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