Layla’s Cardboard Party


Just moved house and don’t know what to do with all the boxes? Throw a cardboard party!

That’s exactly what we did for Layla’s 2nd birthday party. Her family had just moved to a new house and her mom wanted an eco-friendly party where we could recycle the boxes from their recent move. The result was a farewell and birthday cardboard party.

In keeping with the environmentally friendly theme, we designed simple email invitations and reused cardboard packaging materials for the food display. Since the birthday girl had just moved house, we came up with cute brown letterbox-style goodie boxes which included a little card with the birthday girl’s new address and crayons.

We also had so much fun putting together a cardboard city using all of the large boxes that Layla’s family had. Besides the train, we had various buildings and other landmarks dotted around the space. A fun activity for the kids was to find their way through the maze of buildings to get from Layla’s “old house” to her “new house”. Of course towards the end, the kids decided that playing King Kong was more exciting and they had a ball wrecking our city as we cleaned up!

cardboard collage 1

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