Little Miss Sunshine 1st Birthday Party

Just weeks ago, I celebrated my daughter’s 1st birthday. I still can’t quite believe a WHOLE YEAR has passed us by. More so, I can’t quite believe I survived it! But indeed we did and it was definitely cause to celebrate.

The husband and I decided on the theme “Little Miss Sunshine” because to us, that is what Sophie is in our lives: a bright burst of sunshine that always brings a smile to our faces. We also wanted to use bright, happy colors for the party and got to work designing the elements which we wanted to incorporate.

One of the first things I wanted to showcase was how much our little one has changed in the first year of her life and decided that photos dotted around the place would be a great way to do so. From the tiny newborn bundle to the pretty little girl she’d grown into, I trawled through the hundreds of photos I’d taken of her to pick out my favorites to be printed. I made my own hanging frames using wooden frames purchased from IKEA and I’ll post a DIY on that soon so that you can try it out too. In addition to the hanging frames, I also had some larger prints done of the photos that I absolutely adored and put those into standing frames around the room.



Next up was the dessert table. I love dessert and you can always have more than one kind. We put together a fairly simple dessert table featuring cupcakes, brownies, mango custard, fruit tarts, eclairs and assorted gummy sweets for the kids. We also had a section of baby snack with rice puffs in individual containers.
Dessert bar


For the goodie bags, we made 3 kinds: one for the adults (since the majority of the guests were really our friends and family), one for kids above the age of 2 and one for the babies. We sourced some awesome handmade cookies from a shop along Joo Chiat Road which were repackaged into small containers for our adult guests to take away. For the older kids, we had the usual party bag goodies including a card game and some munchies. Finally, for the babies, we gave out rusks and a rubber ducky for bath time!


The party itself was wonderful! Most of our friends and family came to shower their love and blessings on Sophia and it was great to see everyone there. Because we knew that most of our guests were adults, we didn’t worry too much about entertainment this time since people just mingled and caught up with each other. But we did rent a ball pit for the babies (mostly because Sophie loves ball pits) and it turned out to be a hit with both the little ones and some of the adults too!



Then it was time for cake img6

All it all, it was a really great party and everyone told us afterwards that they had really enjoyed themselves. I can definitely say I’m looking forward to planning the next one


To see the rest of the awesome photos, check out the album on our Facebook page!

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