No Balloon No Worries

No Balloon No Worries


In my last article talked about some of the perils around balloons and not disposing of them in the correct way.
And really at the end of a long day of planning and hosting little ones at a birthday party, the last thing you need is to be worrying if all the goodwill you generated from that one celebration will be destroyed with disposal issues of latex balloons.
So why not consider some other things to decorate your event?

Paper Flowers
I love these. They are huge, colourful and easy to mount, or leave on the tables/floors for an instant pop of colour.
In fact any paper decorations are great – anything from crepe paper pom poms, rosettes, flags/bunting, posters.. the list is neverending! And if they survive the party they can be re-used. And if they don’t, simply recycle them.

Fabric Buntings
How about making buntings with cloth? You can use left over material or recycled bedsheets etc to make these. And you definitely don’t need to know how to sew to make them. You can use Velcro to join pieces together or even craft glue will hold the pieces together. Make standard coloured ones, or simply Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas or your child’s name in the bunting so these can be re-used every year.
You can use the fabric as long streamers around pillars or to decorate windows or doors to the event space. And these lengths can also be used as table cloths for other events. Or if you are doing a paint party these fabric lengths can be made to look like paint pouring out of paper paint ‘tins’.

Natural Decorations
How about using foliage, plants or flowers for decorating your space. You can use existing potted plants or cut flowers, potted in theme coloured painted pots. The best thing about using these is at the end of the event they can continue decorating your space, you can give them away to your guests or in the case of cut flowers they can go into the compost bin.

Slide Show
I once used only two projectors and sounds for a sea theme event once, where we had ocean wave videos playing on the walls, and the sound of the crashing of the waves to create the atmosphere. We added some shells, sand, pictures of fishes on the tables to complete the look for the event.

Go to the theme
Find a space that is already similar to your theme, which will save you the time and trouble to make additional decorations to ‘feel’ the theme. For example the train playground in tiong bahru perfect for a train theme… or a dinosaur park on Fu Shun Gardens in Woodlands which would be perfect for a dinosaur party or the SuperHeros café on Marina Bay Sands.

Granted some of these ideas just won’t work for all themes, but it’s worth putting the thinking cap on to think of other options. If nothing else you’ll have ideas for the next event 😉

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