Party Tips

The Party Elves are busy planning a 1st birthday for our very own babies 😉 we are really deep into planning mode at the moment, with lists being made and all errand runs being consolidated into a few BIG runs, and nights spent in front of the TV finalizing decoration details. Soon it will be time to put everything together…

So, as we were doing this, we thought we would start sharing some party tips that you could think about as you talk to us (if TPE is lucky to be planning your event) or if you have decided to take on the planning  yourself 😉

We will keep adding to these tips as we go along, so that you can refer to these any time.

And remember… even if you know these handy tips, and still need some help – THE PARTY ELVES is only an email or a phone call away!

just write to us at or call us on 92726010 or 9711 1418.

Speak to YOU soon…


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