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Halloween BOO! Busy Box for Busy Hands at home

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Product Description

It’s Halloween and we’ve got you covered with this fab busy box packed with all the ingredients needed for a properly BOO! time. 

The Party Elves have come up with another way to still be your lil elves in the background helping you out… we have put together some Busy Boxes for the Busy Hands in your homes.

With Trick or Treating now on the no go list, we thought a busy packed with all the elements of shrieky fun will fit the bill. We deliver these directly to your home so you won’t have to leave your comfortable couch.

Our busy boxes contain all the tools your budding scare-monger needs for some  creative and spine chilling fun.

With all the material and complete instructions on how to create fake blood, your own spider web and resident spider and creating your own Halloween Mystery Boxes so you can have your very own shriek-experience in your own home. 

Each craft will take about 30 – 45 minutes to make (not counting repeats and play with results), and perfect for children aged 3 – 9 yrs old. 3 yr olds might need some adult assistance.


Each box contains:

all the craft materials required to create themed crafts

instruction booklet

For more information email or call us at _65 9883 9671


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