Community Celebrations with The Party Elves

The Party Elves is about your lives and loves, lived in celebrations.

We collaborate with our clients to curate lively, fun-filled, and visually pleasing events for children, families and communities. We offer customised end to end planning services for birthdays and baby showers, and curating content for larger Community Activity Days and holiday parties (e.g. Children’s Day, Easter Festival, Bring Your Kid to Work Day, CarFreeWeekend Festival activities etc).

We also curate and run a delicious cooking event Kitchen Movements, a friendly cook-off for passionate home cooks, witnessed and tasted by a community, and allows everyone a chance to give back to charity.

Our events promise rich, tactile and sensory filled experience for the young and young at heart.   

If you have an event mind, we would love to collaborate and curate with you.

Come say hello.